Theodor Schott (1835-1899)

"Theodor Schott (16 December 1835, in Esslingen – 18 March 1899) was a German Protestant theologian, historian and librarian, known for his studies involving the history of French Protestantism.

From 1853 he studied theology and philosophy at Tübinger Stift in Tübingen, and after finishing his studies, spent two years as a curate at parishes in Württemberg. From 1859 he taught classes at Hofwyl near Bern, and later on, worked as a religious instructor at the gymnasium in Stuttgart. In 1867 he became a pastor of a parish in Berg, a suburb of Stuttgart. From 1873 up until his death, he served as a librarian at the royal public library in Stuttgart." - ( 30.01.2020)

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