Confederation of German Trade Unions

"The German Trade Union Confederation (German: Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund; DGB) is an umbrella organisation (sometimes known as a national trade union center) for eight German trade unions, in total representing more than 6 million people (31 December 2011). It was founded in Munich, 12 October 1949.

The DGB coordinates joint demands and activities within the German trade union movement. It represents the member unions in contact with the government authorities, the political parties and the employers´ organisations. However, the umbrella organisation is not directly involved in collective bargaining and does not conclude collective labour agreements." - ( 15.11.2019)

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Kleinbildnegativ: ÖTV-Friedensdemonstration, 1982Kleinbildnegativ: Aktion der ÖTV und DGB, 1983Kleinbildnegativ: Infostand DGB, Hermannplatz, 1977Kleinbildnegativ: Protest, Kliems Festsäle, 1984Kleinbildnegativ: Podiumsdiskussion, Theatermanufaktur, 1985Kleinbildnegativ: DGB-Kundgebung, 1988
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